Proven: Perfect Funnel Templates You Can Use to Generate 627% ROI*

For nearly every industry, business model or niche, chances are that someone has already spent countless hours and dollars testing the perfect marketing funnel to find out what works. The good news is that you get to skip these trials and tribulations and start with a funnel that’s already been proven to work for your product or business.

If you’ve come from the Funnel Finder cheatsheet, then simply check out the different funnels here in more detail.

DISCLAIMER *On average, that’s what our stellar clients achieve in 3 months working with us. However, we don’t know your work ethic, or whether you have career capital that is in demand. So we have no idea whether this is going to work for you. This is not get rich quick. And by no means ‘build it and they will come‘ because business is about working hard and working smart. We cannot guarantee your results. But we can guarantee that if you choose the wrong funnel for your product, do no work and expect the cash registers to start ringing, you are going to be very disappointed.

Funnel Anatomy 101

Every sales funnel has these 4 core elements:

  1. A Traffic Source to generate awareness and interest
  2. A Lead Magnet to generate the lead when someone ‘opts-in’ by providing an email or a contact number in exchange for a valuable resource
  3. An Authority Amplifier to increase engagement, trust and provide content
  4. A Conversion Event that creates the sale
Funnel Anatomy

This overview diagram shows you how to integrate all your communication modes to attract your ideal prospect through your funnel with more efficiency. The intention here is to ensure that your prospects are exposed to the right message in the right place at the right time.

This is how we help our clients launch quickly and effectively

Funnel Flowchart

Funnel Templates

These funnel templates are what we use to ensure our clients stay focused and on track with the entire team knowing exactly how their input helps to generate a Return on Investment.

Which one was your Perfect Funnel? Click on the tab below to see what it looks like.

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Liquid Funnel