Updating your billing details?

Changing your Virtual Accelerator plan?

Please tap on this link here or on the button below to access your customer portal.

You can update your payment or subscription details accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on any of your services.

Here’s what’s going to happen when you tap on the link or on the button…

First, you’ll see our Customer Portal log in page.

Step 1: Enter your email address

A secure login link will be generated and sent to your email address to ensure that it’s really you making the changes.

IMPORTANT: Make sure it’s the same email address you used to sign up for our service.

Step 2: Check your email for your secure link

Note: It’s only valid for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Secure Link to Login

You may simply click on the link to access your own customer portal to update your billing details and make changes to your subscription plan if needed straight from the dashboard.

Stripe portal home page
Plan options


Here’s the button again…